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As Dabb Group, we are very experienced in supplying retail merchandising products. One of the most important needs of the retail sector has been bags. Bags constitute the last step of the communication with the customer after-sales. You may choose different bag models according to the weight and volume of the sold products. As Dabb Store Supplies in Turkey, we are one of the largest wholesalers and have experience in retail shopping bags wholesale. We can send unprinted and custom printed shopping bags not only to our country but also anywhere in the world.

What are the Types of Retail Store Bags?

Every store’s needs are different. Whether you sell a shirt or a coffee bean, you have to give your product to the customer in a bag. One of the biggest expense items of the retailing industry is bags. For this reason, there are different models made of different raw materials for every need. Apart from the raw material used, we can divide the bags into two different groups as non-printed standard products and products prepared specifically for the store by printing on them.

1- Kraft Retail Bags: It is generally preferred for small and light products. Taking up less space when folded, different size and different color options are reasons for preference. It is frequently preferred by restaurants, cafes and boutiques. It is suitable for recycling.

2- Paper Bags: These are bags produced from at least two layers of thick raw material compared to kraft bags and have a higher carrying capacity. It is generally preferred by stores such as luxury clothing stores, gift shops and bookstores. Thanks to the production possibilities, it is possible to be made in the desired size and color.

3- Plastic Retail Bags: It is preferred by stores with high circulation. It is a more economical solution compared to the paper group. Due to the nature of the plastic, its usage has been restricted in some countries. It is suitable for recycling.

4- Tote Bags: With the decrease in plastic bag usage, Tote Bags usage which is suitable for multiple purposes has increased. Tote bags, which can be produced from fabrics such as linen that do not harm the environment, provide an effective advertising opportunity for your store as being used more than once.

5- Non-Woven Bags: Similar to Tote Bags, these bags are made of non-woven fabric. It is frequently preferred in the market sector and promotion sector. Although they have a waterproof feature due to their fabric structure, they are very robust bags. It is suitable for transporting heavy products.

Which Bag Should I Use for My Store?

First of all, there are two important issues to consider. The first is legal regulations. Regulations in your country may restrict the use of plastic bags. We can give you free support with our expert consultants whenever you want.

The second important issue is the types and weights of the products you sell. If you are running a high-volume store, we recommend you to choose kraft or plastic bags. If your store concept is suitable for the paper group, we recommend you to choose tote or cardboard bags.

As a Wholesaler, Can You Make Special Request Products?

We can prepare all our bag models specifically for your store. We have the possibility to produce in any size and color you need. If you wish you can choose from more than 100 standard models or we can produce your bags in special sizes and weights.

How Many Pieces Is The Minimum Order Quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity for standard size and non-logo printed products. You can order as many as you want. This applies to all of our bag group products.

If you are looking for printed bags the minimum order quantities are

  • 100 pieces for kraft bags,
  • 500 pieces for cardboard bags,
  • 150 pieces for plastic bags,
  • 100 pieces for the tote and nonwoven bags.

Best Prices from One of the Biggest Wholesale retail shopping bags supplier

We serve you with all the products your retail store or boutique needs. We are in an intense effort to offer you the best price and best quality product. We will be glad to assist you with the wholesale bags you need. Please contact us via WhatsApp, email, or phone.

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