Clothing production in Turkey has always held an important place in the economy, especially in the textile sector investments continued to increase rapidly after 1980, and has been one of the most important productive sectors in the country at the moment 5. As DABB Group, we produce clothes in the capital of the textile and fashion industry, namely Istanbul. Thus, we are both close to fabric suppliers and we have the opportunity to provide excellent service to all our customers abroad. We are one of the best clothing manufacturer in Turkey.

Why you have to choose Turkey’s companies for Clothing Manufacturing

The location of Istanbul that connects Europe to Anatolia brings with it many unique commercial features. Istanbul is on its way to becoming a rapidly growing fashion capital where we can follow the latest trends. Many fairs, design workshops, and work done by sector employees and especially designers with each other and with their colleagues abroad always add momentum to the sector.

As a Clothing Manufacturer in Turkey, DABB Group

As DABB Group, we take part in all stages of clothing production, we produce women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, and clothes for our lovely friends. Due to COVID, which we have experienced all over the world in 2020, we help our healthcare professionals and medical textile products to protect them from the COVID epidemic.

We carry out all production processes in clothes with our own employees, it’s our agreements with all the major fabric mills in Turkey, we also carry many products with organic fabric production for many of our customers in recent years. We choose the most suitable fabric for production in line with the product you want. After the fabric selection is made, our design team begins drawing work for your dream product. After drawing the appropriate color and model, we offer you, alternative models, electronically. Based on your comments, we finalize the design and get your approval. After your approval, if you wish, we can make a sample study, send it to you and look forward to your feedback.

clothing manufacturer in turkey

If you are an investor who has established your own brand and has not been able to produce high quantities yet, we will be happy to work with you. If you have not yet established your own brand, but you have very beautiful dreams, we can make those dreams come true. We support you from the design stage to the labeling and packaging stages. We will be happy to answer your questions sincerely and help you reach your dream. Do not worry about low quantities, we can produce for you.

“We trust our team and experience. We can offer you your dream product in a very short time.”

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