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If you sell long and difficult-to-carry products such as suits, women’s evening dresses, or bridals in your store, your customers will want to receive the product with a dress cover. The final stage of the sales process, when these products are folded and delivered in a bag, can be upsetting by your customers. In such cases, long dialogue with your store staff is inevitable. If you are looking manufacturer of wholesale garment covers you are at the right place!

Today, many stores complete their customer experiences without any problems by purchasing wholesale dress covers and continue their advertisements with special covers in order to avoid these problems. With more than 100 models, different fabric and size options, and options such as custom logo printing for your company, you are at the right address for wholesale garment cover.

wholesale garment covers

What Are The Types Of Dress Covers?

We can divide garments cover into customer delivery and in-store use. Covers delivered to the customer with the product are divided into Suit Covers, Evening Dress Covers, and Bridal Covers. Suitable for store use are Pvc Separate and Pvc Protector products. You can also view our kraft bags, paper bags, and tote bag models used for smaller products here.

  1. Suit Covers: It is suitable for men’s and women’s suits. It is usually produced in 63 cm x 100cm for small sets. 63cm x 130cm products are ideal especially for winter coat and long coat group products.
  2. Evening Dress Covers: These products suitable for women’s dailiy dresses and evening dresses. While 62x160cm dress covers are used for short dresses, 62x200cm products are suitable for longer dresses.
  3. Bridal Covers: It is a product group specially produced for wedding dresses. Nowadays, wedding dresses are longer and they are very heavy due to the use of stone embroidered fabric. There are different types of covers that can carry these models. 80x180x30cm is the commonly used model size.
  4. Pvc Protector: These products designed for in-store use are intended for customers to look at the product without touching it. It also protects the products against dust and dirt in the store. 60cm x 80cm is the most preferred product size.
  5. Pvc Separate: This product, which is especially designed for women’s clothes with stones, prevents the clothes from touching each other. In this way, the stones of the evening dress can be protected and the stone of one evening dress is prevented from damaging the other clothes on the hanger. Commonly used sizes are 40x85cm for short dresses and 45x140cm for long dresses.
Which Materials are the Garment Covers Made Of?

Wholesale garment covers can be produced from different fabric types according to the needs of the store. It is produced from many different raw materials such as;

  • Non-woven Fabric
  • Peva
  • Polyester
  • PVC
How to Make a Custom Suit Covers?

Today, many stores see the garment covers as an advertising tool rather than an expense item. For this reason, instead of standard garment covers, they prefer wholesale garment covers produced in colors suitable for the brand or store corporate identity and with its own logo. In this way, as long as the customer continues to keep his clothes at home with a cover, the store advertisement continues to be made. Thanks to our production power; we do not offer you just a few color alternatives, you can choose hundreds of different colors from our color chart. We can combine different colors on the same cover. We can show your brand on your cover as you wish. Please contact us so that we can explain the many advantages of working directly with a manufacturer.

What Is The MOQ For Wholesale Covers

One of the problems especially for boutique owners is not having a large warehouse to store products and auxiliary equipment. Since many store owners do not have large storage areas, they want to order lower quantities, even if their need is higher. Our company, which has been working with the retailing sector for many years, is acting with you to solve this problem. If you want to buy standard products without a logo printed there is no minimum order quantity. If you want to buy garment covers with a custom logo printed, our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

What is the Production Time

For our special printed garment covers, we first prepare your design according to your requests. After finalizing the design with you, the production stage begins. We make the products ready to ship within two weeks at the latest.

Can You Manufacture the Covers in The Sizes We Want and Print What We Want?

The sizes we mentioned above are the most used sizes, except these sizes, we can produce special sizes according to your needs. The type of printing changes according to the type of fabric you choose. While single or double color printing is generally suitable for thin fabrics, we can print in 4 colors on 100gr and above fabrics. Make sure that we will recommend the most suitable product to you when we listen to your needs.

Dabb Group Offers 100’s of Models and the Best Price Advantage

At Dabb Group, we serve our customers with more than 100 models in all types of wholesale garment covers. With our years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of covers to our customers so far. We guarantee we will provide you the best prices for your wholesale garment cover needs.

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