With the COVID epidemic all over the world, hygiene has come to the fore. In order to prevent the virus transmitted from person to person, disposable products have started to take a big place in our lives. During the pandemic days, especially with the increasing demand, many disposable products manufacturer has emerged. Many of these companies have supplied the products needed by the health sector. Undoubtedly, health workers had the most difficulties in this situation, which emerged suddenly, and no country was caught prepared. In such difficult times, many companies have turned to produce single-use products by changing their production processes to support healthcare workers and at least meet their hygiene needs. Also as Dabb Group, we have always provided the healthcare workers with the supply of the products they need since the first days of the pandemic.


As DABB Group, we started to produce various disposable products to our customers in order to prevent the virus spread. As a  disposable product manufacturer, we produce disposable glove, plastic apron and plastic gown, prayer rug, stretcher cover, all hairdressing equipments (penuar, apron, towel), and all hygienic materials. We are able to produce our disposable products suitable for all sectors. Also, as a disposable products manufacturer, we can produce disposable products from any material you want. In any size, color, pattern, and logo printed.

We provide the highest hygienic conditions in our production facilities and take precautions. Therefore, we both protect the health of our employees and ensure that our products are produced in a hygienic environment. Our high-quality products provide full protection against infectious diseases. The lightness and ease of use of the products also provide extra comfort. As a disposable products manufacturer, our aim is to offer our valued customers the best quality products at the most economic price.


If you want to reach the highest quality products within the promised time, you are in the right place. As DABB Group, we always prioritize customer satisfaction and we are happy to serve you. You can contact us by filling out our Contact Form. We are glad to help you with our stocked products.