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Store Hangers

Store Hangers

Organizing your shirts, trousers, t-shirts, dresses, and all your clothes; A wide variety of hangers are used to store these products in your home or to display these products to customers in a stylish way. There are many types of hangers, such as wooden hangers, plastic hangers, and velvet hangers to suit different needs.

Where Are the Store Hangers Use

In addition to individual use in homes, hangers are used especially in multi-story stores, boutiques, and textile products sales aisles. Hangers, which are one of the most important equipments of cabinet arrangement in individual use, can be made of different quality and raw materials according to the users’ preference. In commercial terms, hangers are an indispensable product. The use of hangers starts with the production of the products in factories or workshops, then most of the products are shipped with hangers during transportation, hangers are used again for in-store display or when products are stored. When customers buy, they carry many products with hangers, hang them in their closets with hangers in their homes, and even carry them to their homes with hangers after dry cleaning. When considered in this way, we see how a wide range of use the hangers have.

What Are The Types of Store Hangers

We can classify the hangers according to the type of raw material they are produced from. We can divide it into 3 main groups as wooden hangers, plastic hangers, and metal hangers. The hangers produced from specially compressed plastic raw material are a special series that has been increasing in use in recent years.

According to their usage areas, they can be divided into different categories such as suit hangers, shirt-blouse hangers, skirt-trousers hangers, wedding dress hangers, underwear hangers, children’s clothes hangers and thief-proof hotel hangers.

In stores and showrooms, hangers that are more flamboyant and suitable for the store concept are generally preferred by the store owners, and wooden hangers come to the fore in store use. The most important criterion in choosing a wooden hanger is to choose the appropriate tree to be used. A tree type suitable for the desired paint type should be selected on the hanger. When you specify their needs, our clients will assist you in finding the most suitable hanger for you.

Multi-story stores generally prefer plastic hangers, and the excess number of products is the most important reason for this preference. In addition, plastic hangers are generally preferred during product shipment and storage areas. Plastic hangers stand out due to their lightweight and being more economical.

All Your Store Needs Are in Dabb Group

As Dabb Group, we meet all the products your store needs. Apart from the hanger group, we meet all the needs of your store with many products in Retail Shopping Bags, Garment Covers and Boxes product groups.We have been working in the boutique and retail industry for many years and following the trends closely. We have met many store owners whom we have worked with for many years. Therefore, we have analyzed customers’ needs in detail to propose the most appropriate solutions. Also, we have great news for you! You may order products with your brand logo in low quantities. We keep the Minimum Order Quantity at 100 pieces for many products.

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