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Where to Use Wooden Hangers?

Especially in the retail sector, wooden hangers have been the symbol of quality for a long time. The first choice of boutiques, bridal gowns, and luxury clothing stores are always wooden hangers. The most important reason for choosing wooden hangers is the desire of the customer to complete the product quality with a hanger when the product is handled. When we look at other reasons, we can list as having color varieties that are compatible with the store decoration, the product carrying capacity in products with stones such as wedding dresses is much higher than plastic hangers, and the possibility of breaking a quality wooden hanger is very low.

How to Produce a Quality Wooden Hanger

As with many products, there are different products of different qualities on wooden hangers. Since wooden hangers are made of wood pieces, that is, using the appropriate tree type comes first. Pieces of wood contain water and moisture when cut due to their nature. In order to obtain a quality hanger, the moisture content of the tree should be lowered and thus the durability of the hanger should be increased.

In the past, the drying process, which took place for very long periods in the open air, now takes place in specially designed furnaces with developing technology, the firing process is not a simple process. It is a long-lasting and arduous system, besides, not only baking is sufficient, but it should also be stacked outdoors in a suitable humidity environment. Despite developing technology today, all these processes take more than a month. Due to commercial concerns and time constraints, hangers made from a tree that has not been properly dried will cause various problems after use. You may be faced with different problems, such as the worst-case for a store, bug problems, and paint cracks. Another benefit of drying is that the resin in the tree is expelled, thus ensuring a longer life of the hanger paint.

Another important issue in hanger production is gluing and how the hook is mounted. If you have chosen a hanger consisting of two parts, how these two parts join each other and the adhesive used becomes important. The biggest problem with broken wooden hangers arises from not using the right adhesive. In addition, if the hook you have chosen is not mounted into the hanger with the reverse screwing technique, there is a possibility that the hanger may break when you hang it strongly.

What Are The Types Of Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers according to their usage areas; We can divide it into three categories as Jacket-Suit hangers, Blouse-Shirt hangers, Pants-Skirt hangers. We can divide these categories into sub-categories as jackets, suits, groom suits, women’s suits, and skirt hangers.

  • The length of the Suit Hangers varies between 38cm and 48cm, and the shoulder widths can start from 2cm and go up to 8cm. They are the heaviest and most flashy hanger types.
  • On the blouse and shirt hangers, women’s top wear and men’s top clothing materials can be hung. 1cm and 3cm shoulder widths are ideal for these groups. It can also be supported with a single or double notch according to the type of product to be hung.
  • Trousers and Skirt hangers are used to display men’s single trousers, women’s single trousers, or women’s skirt products, which are also preferred by Women’s and Men’s clothing stores. Their widths are generally 1cm or 2cm, but their lengths can vary according to the product type. Different latch types can be used on these hangers.

What is the Usage Life of Wooden Hangers

The most important feature of wooden hangers is that they have a long usage time. A correctly manufactured wooden hanger can be used for more than 10 years without deformation. Of course, it is very important to use quality raw materials and to produce with the right technique.

Which Wooden Hanger Is Suitable For My Store?

There are more than 500 types in our wooden hanger collection. Deciding on the appropriate tree is the first step in this process. Later, the category list of the products to be exhibited in the store should be made, for example men’s suits and men’s outerwear. Considering the general concept of your store, you can choose the colors suitable for your concept and products. Varnished or natural wood should be selected according to your area of ​​use, the number of notches should be determined and finally, the anti-slip selection should be made. We are here to provide the best solution for your store’s needs with years of experience.

Hangers Strengthening Your Corporate Image by Writing Your Boutique and Store Name

Writing your store name on wooden hangers or embroidering your emblem or logo in accordance with your corporate identity will be an effective advertisement for your store. Thus, your store will continue to be advertised as long as the hangers you have given to your customers continue to be used. We can engrave any text or logo on the body of the hanger by laser engraving or printing. We would be pleased to assist you with different printing techniques and show examples.

Many Kinds of Quality Wholesale Wooden Hangers with Best Prices are in Dabb Store Supply

Although wooden hangers are relatively more expensive products than other hanger types, their usage areas differ. Especially it is the most important supplementary element to complement your store decoration and concept. We offer you solutions with more than 500 models for wooden hangers that you will use in the store or you will give to the customer with the product. Please remember that you will be using our wooden hangers for a very long time. At Dabb Store Supply, we are at your service with our most competitive wholesale prices.

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