Custom Retail Boxes Wholesale

Whether you are a large-scale store or small, store boxes are must-have products for your customers. Some stores use boxes for transportation and protection purposes for products made of easy-to-break materials such as vases and glasses; some stores only need boxes to give gift items. With the developing e-commerce sales volumes, many stores prefer to send their products in boxes. As Dabb Store Supply, we meet all your custom retail boxes wholesale needs of your company with the best prices and fast shipping option.

What are the Types of Custom Retail Boxes Wholesale?


Custom Retail Boxes Wholesale

We can meet the box needs of many industries.

  1. Gift Boxes: We can mix gift boxes, which are especially needed by the clothing industry, in bulk. Our standard gift boxes can be in kraft paper or white color and we can have ready stock for different sizes. We have prepared thousands of different models in specially printed gift boxes, which have been preferred in recent years. We can prepare both normal thickness and luxury gift boxes with the design you need.
  2. Envelope Gift Boxes: The increasing rate of gift purchases in the fast fashion industry, increased the use of envelope gift boxes in the sector. These boxes, which help to complete the packaging process quickly during checkout, are a very stylish solution thanks to the printing on them. You will also be able to make a difference in your store with special designs designed for special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
  3. Pillow Boxes: Pillow boxes are similar to the Envelope Gift Boxes, the difference between these products is that the right and left sides are open. Pillow boxes are preferred for larger products. Custom designs can be printed on and can also be used as a carrying bag when used with ribbon. Since it is stored folded, it takes up very little space in your warehouse and cash desk.
  4. E-Commerce Boxes: E-commerce boxes, which are especially preferred by companies operating in the field of e-commerce, consists of one piece. It will reach you in a folded way and can be easily prepared. It is the most suitable solution for sending products of different depths you need with small, medium, and large sizes.



What Is The Production Time of Custom Retail Boxes?

For special design boxes, we first prepare your design according to your requests. After finalizing the design with you, the production stage begins. We make the products ready to ship within two weeks at the latest.

Do You Produce Boxes According to Special Dimensions?

Our company has always stocks in standard-sized and highly preferred custom retail boxes wholesale. Except for these most-used sizes, we can produce special sizes according to your needs. The preparation of special production boxes will take a maximum of two weeks after the design approval from your side. Also, we can print everything on retail boxes. The type of printing changes according to the type of paper you choose. With CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) we can print 4-6 colors on the retail boxes. Make sure that we will recommend the most suitable product to you when we listen to your needs.

Dabb Group Offers 100’s of Models for Wholesale Garment Covers and the Best Price Advantage

As Dabb Group, we serve our customers with more than 100 models in all types of custom retail boxes wholesale. With our years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of boxes to our customers so far. We guarantee we will provide you the best prices for your wholesale store boxes needs.

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