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Plastic Hangers

In recent years, plastic products have become more common in our lives because they are both durable and light. If you are the owner of a multi-story store with a large variety of products on display or a boutique with high-volume products, your likely choice will be plastic hangers. Because you not only display but also use hangers during the shipment and storage of the products. In other words, if you are looking for a more economical solution, you are in the right place. With developing technology, we can now produce better quality Plastic Hangers more economically.
We are at your side with the light, durable, and economical product solutions for your store.

Where Are the Plastic Hangers Used?

Plastic hangers have become a tight complement to wooden hangers with fast production possibilities and different color options. Plastic hangers can be used in men’s and women’s suits, t-shirts, blouses, shirts, trousers, and skirts. Thanks to its thinner structure, it is preferred especially for product shipments and store storage. In addition, many boutique owners use different hanger types in the showroom and can give the after-sales product to the customer with a plastic hanger.

What Are The Types Of Plastic Hangers?

  • The lengths of the plastic suit hangers can vary between 36 cm and 52 cm. Apart from suits, there are also models without a bar for hanging a single jacket. There are models with shoulder widths ranging from 20mm to 60mm.
  • The length of the Dress and Shirt Hangers varies between 34 cm and 52 cm, the bridal hanger models have a lower bar and have a thinner structure. Pants and skirt hangers vary in length between 32cm and 48cm.
  • There are models with and without a bar in child hangers starting from 20 cm in length.

We can offer different models suitable for your needs in shawls, underwear, and accessory hangers. Please contact us for detailed technical information or to send our free catalog.


What to Consider When Buying Wholesale Hangers

Plastic hangers are more suitable for high-volume uses, if you have a multi-story store or if you sell high-volume products in your store, you can use your preference in this direction. The type of hanger you will choose will differ according to the size and weight of the product you exhibit. Hangers without logo printing will be a faster solution if you are going to use them for storage purposes. We can also send the hangers disassembled while shipping. If you intend to store the hangers you do not use in a parcel, you can store more hangers in the same parcel thanks to the demounted hangers.

Please Do Not Throw Your Hangers In The Garbage, We Support Recycling

From time to time, we may encounter problems with the hangers we use individually at home and the hangers we use in our store. In case of breakage or when we do not need them, the hangers go to waste. According to the researches, plastic hangers that are thrown away without separating are a growing problem. Therefore, when we throw away our plastic products, it will be beneficial for our future generations to deliver them to recycling centers. As Dabb Group, we are involved in many activities related to recycling and we would like to state that we support this issue. We will be pleased to give you the detailed information.

Hangers Strengthening Your Corporate Image By Typing Your Store Name

With pad printing or gilding printing options, we can print your store name on the hanger. Although the width of the logo area varies depending on the type of hanger you choose, it can start from 3 cm and go up to 6 cm. Its height varies between 1 cm and 3 cm. In our most preferred hanger models, the logo area is 5 cm wide and 2.5 cm high.

Many Kinds of Quality Plastic Hangers at Dabb Store Supply with Wholesale Prices

Light, durable, and economical plastic hangers have become an indispensable product for many stores. We serve you with more than 200 models to meet your storage and shipping needs, as well as for your showroom. We can find the right hanger you need, just contact us. At Dabb Store Supply, we are at your service with our most competitive wholesale prices.

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