Gift Boxes with Lids Wholesale

People buy gifts for each other for many reasons such as birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Selecting the product to be gifted can sometimes take a long time. The way of presentation is as important as the selection of the product. Because when you receive the gift box, you don’t know what’s inside. Your first thought in this happy moment is the box you picked up.. There are probably very few people who would not be happy with a stylishly designed, well-packaged box. Gift boxes are now positioned as a factor to increase your sales rather than an extra expense item for your store. Many stores renew their gift box designs every year. They also make special box designs for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Dabb Store Supply as wholesale gift boxes with lids supplier.


gift boxes wiht lids wholesale

What are the Types of Wholesale Gift Boxes with Lids?

We have more than 100 models with the most preferred standard sizes all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a gift box for a t-shirt or a piece of jewelry. We have many models with square, rectangular, thin, and high depth alternatives. If you want, we are sure that we will meet your exact needs with our models consisting of two parts as the bottom box and the cover box. Our luxury gift boxes are made of both thick paper and printing techniques that complement elegance can be applied to them. You can also complete your most elegant products with velvet-covered gift boxes.



What is the MOQ for Gift Boxes?

There is no minimum order quantity for our standard sizes and unprinted gift boxes. You can order in the quantities you want. For our specially printed wholesale gift boxes with lids, the minimum order quantity varies according to the weight of the paper you choose. We have a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces for customized printed boxes in many box models.

Dabb Store Supply Offers Best Price Advantage for Wholesale Gift Boxes with Lids

As Dabb Group, we are assertive about providing stores’ sales support products, custom printing at low quantities and with the best prices. Our company meets all packaging boxes needs of our customers at the most affordable prices. Apart from the gift box, we recommend that you look at all box options, like Envelope Gift Boxes, Pillow Boxes, and E-Commerce Boxes.

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